Physically Defensive

Hah! Yesterday was a painful (physically) and knowledgeable experience. We practiced arnis (Filipino martial arts, that is) and were taught self-defense. These are requirements for our P.E. subject.

I wasn’t taking it seriously, I just enjoy the jab punching. But then our instructor saw someone who made a mistake and then before we know it we were on the ground doing push-ups. The hook punching was kind of tiring and I have to balance myself as we did the kicking. We did these routines for an hour then after that our instructor made us promise that we do at least ten push-ups everyday. Yeah, well I haven’t done it for today for my arms are aching (excuses!)

Yet, I learned that there’s more to it than just defensing ones self. It’s a discipline. It reminds us that we should follow rules/directions whether we like or not. It teaches us how to be independent and lifts up confidence in ourselves. It teaches us how to take over unprecedented situations. And it makes our body fit (talk about those fats). hahaha!

That’s it for now. Have to go and wash the dishes or else!

Thanks for spending your time reading this. x


About LeynLeyn

Almost twenty one. An amateur writer. Enjoys the sound of nature, the colors of summer. Fascinated by the art of language. In love with music.
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