Knowing Lolo

7:36 AM 7/5/2011

As I was scribbling the lyrics of a song, I looked up and saw something that reminds me of my late grandfather. It was my grandparents’ wedding photo. I was laughing at myself because I never knew my grandparents’ wedding day, but there’s proof that they had it. It’s hanging on the wall in the living room along with the family’s known faces. It was Lolo’s attitude in the picture that I shifted my eyes to look at him.

And a flashback went in my head:

When we were kids, my sister and I did something that made our Lolo angry. I barely remember what we did exactly, but one thing I’m sure about is I lied about it when he asked us. Then he hit us with his belt. I think, it’s a punishment for not telling the truth, but that was the first and last. He never dare touched us again after what happened. I knew that it wasn’t really his intention to hurt us, but to tell us that lying is a very bad attitude.

His smile is what I see when I close my eyes in times when I would remember him. He smiles often when he talks with his friends or while having a conversation with our neighbors. He’s a friend of everyone and everybody’s dad. Neighbor’s would come to seek for help and he, wholeheartedly would give what he can offer. I never heard him talk garbage about people behind their back. He always sees what is good in others and he’s often remembered because of his kindness.

If there’s one thing I would want to tell him, is to thank him for staying awake when I was born  just to make sure that I would make it through the night.

Thank You Lolo. Wherever you are right now, I know that it’s a better place.


About LeynLeyn

Almost twenty one. An amateur writer. Enjoys the sound of nature, the colors of summer. Fascinated by the art of language. In love with music.
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  1. will8en says:

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    Still feels like it was yesterday…

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