Sa lahat  ng pagkakataon, may mga tanong.
Tanong na nais sambitin, ng pusong nagsusumigaw.
Isigaw sa buong mundo, ang nararamdaman.
Damdamin at isipin.

Isip ay naghahanap ng sagot.
Sa mga katanungang umiikot.
Ano? Bakit? Paano?
Tanong. Sagot. Sagot. Tanong.

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I’m doing this…. seriously… ❤

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Still feels like it was yesterday…

White Spaces

7:36 AM 7/5/2011

As I was scribbling the lyrics of a song, I looked up and saw something that reminds me of my late grandfather. It was my grandparents’ wedding photo. I was laughing at myself because I never knew my grandparents’ wedding day, but there’s proof that they had it. It’s hanging on the wall in the living room along with the family’s known faces. It was Lolo’s attitude in the picture that I shifted my eyes to look at him.

And a flashback went in my head:

When we were kids, my sister and I did something that made our Lolo angry. I barely remember what we did exactly, but one thing I’m sure about is I lied about it when he asked us. Then he hit us with his belt. I think, it’s a punishment for not telling the truth, but that was the first and last…

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Michael Cavacini


Tonight was my last class of the semester, and I’m going to enjoy my break to the fullest. Speaking of which, let’s kick things off with a little Alice Cooper. It may be the wrong season, but the meaning’s still the same: “School’s Out.”

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i learned it!

The fishtail braid! 😉

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“Sometimes it’s hard to say no when you really mean yes. It’s hard to close your eyes when you really want to see. It’s hard to forget when you really can’t. The hardest is to go when you really want to stay.”

I wanted to say a lot of things, tell you how I feel and what I think. But then, I don’t know how to speak up whenever I want to tell you something. I need your encouragement and support. I wanted to stay a little bit longer just to spend the time with you. And hope you would know what’s stopping me. I don’t want to go back because I’m hurt and that I feel like giving up.

I want to tell you that I’m happy about your relationships. I want to tell you that I loved the shoes we bought and I’m happy with the flops on my feet. I want to thank you for all the values you taught and the ideas you shared with us. I thank the Universe for having you. And that wherever, whenever, whatever you are, I’m with you.

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You cannot convert a dog …

You cannot convert a dog into a cat, so why try to convert people into believing what you do, when belief is personal.

It’s personal.

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